Compact HRMS Suite To Manage All Your HR Processes

Our HRM Suite collects all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle and then helps you organize and automate all your HR-Process with ease

Centralized and secure Data Access

Manage all your organization data and HR Processes from a centralized location with a secured data access. You can manage employee roasters, leaves and payrolls all form a single application.

Automate HR-Processes

With Smart HRMS all your HR Processes can be automated with such an ease. Creating employee roaster, sending alerts, emails and remainders can completely atomized with in the application

Customize according to your needs

Easy personalization and customization of the applications is one of the important perk of Smart HRMs. You can create roles and permissions, forms and much more according to your organization requirements.

Simplify By Automating
Your Work

Multiple solution power packed into one single system

Automate all your HR function using India’s most popular HRMS Suite . An end-to-end Human Resource Management System that helps you manage tedious HR tasks with just a few simple clicks.

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Human Resource Management

A strategic approach for an effective management of people in your company

Create organization hierarchical pattern like departments, locations, worksites and designations and personalize the home page & set forms, report rights for each user level. With the help of organization feature, guide the HRM Administrator in creating, verifying and ensuring data integrity and implementing access controls throughout the application.

Employee Management

Build a collaborative workplace by engaging your employees.

Now On-Boarding the new employees in to the organization was made much easier with Smart HRMS. With Bulk Import option you can import bulk amount of new employee’s data into the application with a single click. And create customized HRM Users according to the organization requirement for easy workflow throughout the application.

Roaster Management

Easily create shifts, perform periodic rotations, automate roasters, and many more.

Roster Management is important for organizations that works on different shifts. When there are employees working in different shifts or in different time zones, you need to have a system with which you can assign and track employee shift roasters.
With Smart HRMS it will be easy to map employees to various shifts and to communicate with employees on time by using roaster automation feature. With this feature you can automate rosters (Shifts) and save time and avoid confusions and double-work.

Pay Roll Management

Automate payroll process for your employees so you can focus on growing your business

Smart HRMS Suite pay roll management feature is used to make payroll processing easy and error-free for your organization. The application automates all salary calculations, adheres to local laws and handles all statutory compliances. All you have to do is enter your worksite payroll details, employee tax slabs information, employee salary components like fixed and variable pay heads and pay schedule and click on generate to get your payroll up and running right away.

Leave Management

Set aside the exhausting work by automating the leave management system in your organization.

Managing leave is a crucial part of HR routine and also time consuming. Smart HRMS leave management is a simple and user-friendly feature that helps you to record, manage and keep track of your employees' leave details effectively with minimized time management.Employees can see how many leave they've taken, how many remains, and apply for time off from their HRM account to their HR manager.

User Access Management

Secure the organizational data by setting up role permissions to your employees

Security is the most significant part of our Smart HRMS suite. In the application, all data is stored in forms. Hence it is imperative to define which forms can be viewed by who. As roles define the hierarchical pattern of an organization in role management you can define and assign roles to employees and set up role-based permissions and determine what a user can and cannot access viz, assigning permissions for particular fields in the application to ensure security.


Hospital management

With the growing competition in healthcare industries, the need to organize and manage the hospital data for its efficient functionality have become an important concern.

With Smart HRS you can get instant access to all the critical data of your hospitals under one roof.

Every patient related data and required medicines data and the health staff roasters at your fingertip makes it so easy for you to offer better care and service.

Facility Management

Facilities Management involves multiple services ranging from building maintenance, operations, fire safety, security etc. where employee management plays important role. With Smart HRMS facility management get many benefits with options like they can automate their employee roasters and payrolls the employee management can be done with ease and with leave management, self-services and training all the HR processes can be run from any centralized with secured data accesses.


The retail sector has seen the highest employment rates in the recent years. Retail stores got to operate for long hours with work driven employees for client’s delight.

Happy customer are key to success of any retail brand. In order to cater to long work hours, work force shift planning & tracking is one of the biggest task.

With Smart HRMs compact features for retail industry like employee Self Services, Leave Management, Roaster or Shifts Management, Performance Management, Training, Payroll Management, Travel & Expenses Management and Help Desk we can assure you can run retail business seamlessly.


Infrastructure Industry is one of the most widespread sector in the Indian economy.

Infrastructure process refers to building something on large scale using raw materials, components and builders and worker which means their much to organize and manage. With Smart HRMS you can coordinate all your raw material details and with self-service, roaster and payroll management you can easily map your employees.

Personalized HRMS That Meet Every HR Requirement

As we know that every organization is different likewise the requirements, so we have created a personalizable HRMS Suite that helps you modify the applications according to your organizational requirements.

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