Smart HRMS is a compact application of different features, which helps to empower the HR Administration works of an organization — by organizing, managing and automating HR processes.

With features like Employee Management, Roaster Management, Pay Roll Management, Roles and Leave Management, the main motive behind Smart HRMS application was, to fundamentally automate all the time consuming repetitive tasks of HR managements, so that they can strategically focus on key business assignments of their organization.
And one more perk of Smart HRMS was — you can run all these HR services on the cloud which means you can access and manage all the employee data from a centralized location in a secured way.
With its wide spectrum of modules this HRMS application is an apt fit for companies of various sizes.

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Easy To Use

One of our primary principles in the application is Autodidacticism which means you don’t need to bear weeks or maybe days of rigorous coaching to use the application, because it is very well designed for anyone to easily understand and use.

HRMS analytics

HRMS analytics will show you statistics, modeling, and analysis of employee-related data to improve business outcomes. These analytics guides you to efficiently schedule your workforce, show relevant information like salary ranges or employee leaves and roaster which you can spend hours or days to try and get to the same result but with Smart HRMs you can do the same within minutes.

Self-Services Feature That Saves Time

The design of Smart HRMs is a combination of intuitive usability for employees and powerful self-service options focuses on employee self-service feature means the employees can directly review and update their data into the application and the manager can access and approve it from their account so that processes like leave management, approvals can be easily managed.

Greater Personalization with Easier Automation

Easy personalization and customization of the applications is one of the important feature of Smart HRMs. You can create roles and permissions, forms and much more according to your organization requirements. And not only that you can automate most of the HR process like roaster management, leave management and much more.

Centralized and secured data Access

Manage all your organization data and HR Processes from a centralized location with a secured data access. You can setup workflows with in the application like leaves, roasters, payrolls and employee mapping from a centralized local and all you want is just a system with internet connection.

Help Desk

Smart HRMS provide a simple but effect way to manage all employees’ requests to respective managers and streamline their responses to the employees, with this there is no way any important remainder or alerts go unnoticed.

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