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"Every organization and industry is different, therefore, their HR requirements and needs are also different. So we have created a Human Resource Management System to organize, manage and automate all HR processes that give tailored HRMS solutions for any industrial need."

Hospital management

With the growing competition in healthcare industries, the need to organize and manage the hospital data for its efficient functionality have become an important concern.

With Smart HRS you can get instant access to all the critical data of your hospitals under one roof.

Every patient related data and required medicines data and the health staff roasters at your fingertip makes it so easy for you to offer better care and service.

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Facility Management

Facilities Management involves multiple services ranging from building maintenance, operations, fire safety, security etc. where employee management plays important role. With Smart HRMS facility management get many benefits with options like they can automate their employee roasters and payrolls the employee management can be done with ease and with leave management, self-services and training all the HR processes can be run from any centralized with secured data accesses.

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The retail sector has seen the highest employment rates in the recent years. Retail stores got to operate for long hours with work driven employees for client’s delight.

Happy customer are key to success of any retail brand. In order to cater to long work hours, work force shift planning & tracking is one of the biggest task.

With Smart HRMs compact features for retail industry like employee Self Services, Leave Management, Roaster or Shifts Management, Performance Management, Training, Payroll Management, Travel & Expenses Management and Help Desk we can assure you can run retail business seamlessly.

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When it comes to corporate industry like IT & software, the number of employees are more and the process followed by each department is hectic. This in turn, makes the job of the HR tough.

So to ease the process Smart HRMS provide multiple feature like roaster automation, payroll automation, leave management, employee management to automate the time consuming repetitive tasks of HR’s, so that they can strategically focus on key business assignments of their organization

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Infrastructure Industry is one of the most widespread sector in the Indian economy. Infrastructure process refers to building something on large scale using raw materials, components and builders and worker which means their much to organize and manage. With Smart HRMS you can coordinate all your raw material details and with self-service, roaster and payroll management you can easily map your employees.

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