Smart HRMS is a compact application of different features, which helps to empower the HR Administration works of an organization — by organizing, managing and automating HR processes.

With features like Employee Management, Roaster Management, Pay Roll Management, Roles and Leave Management, the main motive behind Smart HRMS application was, to fundamentally automate all the time consuming repetitive tasks of HR managements, so that they can strategically focus on key business assignments of their organization.

With its wide spectrum of modules this HRMS application is an apt fit for companies of various sizes. Whether it is a startup or a multinational company, smart HRMS can be customized for every organizational need.

  • Improved access to information.
  • Manage employees effectively.
  • Reduce redundant data entry and processes.
  • Simplify and speed up day to day administration tasks.
  • Increase efficiency and quality of HR decision-making.
  • Get a unique ability to automate employee roasters.
  • Streamline the recruiting process.
  • Improve communication within your organization.
  • Customized to an organization's unique needs.
  • Integrated databases.
  • Useful reporting functions and evaluation capabilities.
  • Automated alerts of important tasks.
  • Convenient self-service access to employees.

Yes, Smart HRMS is scalable in all terms, whether it is the number of licensed users or the size of database smart HRMS is capable of scaling.

1. Employee Management
2. Employee Roaster Management
3. Payroll Management
4. Leave Management
5. User Access Management
6. Employee Self-Service
7. Performance Management

A cloud based HRMS is highly secured system that centralizes all the data to on a single online location. Data security requires round the clock vigilance, only until you are not sure about the reliability of the HRMS provided. Smart HRMS understands security concerns of our customers and assures high data security standards. It is a highly secure & uses 2048 bit SSL certificate encryption for all the communication between server and client, which is the highest level of encryption.

One of our primary principles in the application is Auto didacticism which means you don’t need to bear weeks or maybe days of rigorous coaching to use the application, because it is very well designed for anyone to easily understand and use.

Every organization and industry is different, therefore, their HR requirements and needs are also different. So we have created a Human Resource Management System to organize, manage and automate all HR processes that give tailored HRMS solutions for any industrial need.

Smart HRMS is ideal fit for organizations in corporate, Hospital, Facility, Infrastructure and retailer industries.

It depends on numerous factors like locations, employees, modules required, complexity of implementation. If it is one location and one office, for a standard roll-out, it takes 2days to go live.

Smart HRMS is a cloud based HRMS software so it don’t have any hardware and software requirements all it need is a browser with Internet.

Any biometric machine which meets the pre-requisites of Smart HRMS can be integrated with the system.

Yes, to request a demo contact our support team. Contact Now.

Smart HRMS is priced in tiers, based on the number of members you have in your Company or Organization and what modules you require.

Yes, as a mandatory step in the implementation methodology, Smart HRMS provides training to your employees

Smart HRMS technical support staff is available to assist you with questions throughout the day, either by telephone or through mail.